Welcome to Jay L.ee, my personal website. I am an entrepreneur & DJ, and this is my website where I am currently focused on helping people build their own blog-type websites using the Drupal CMS platform. As a matter of fact, one of my goals is to have a series of blog posts that will enable anyone to create a blog website that looks exactly like what you see here.

For now, I am concentrating on preparing for SANDcamp 2015 (February 26-28, 2015). I will be doing a session, and hope to meet some new people there. I will also slowly start preparing for DrupalCon LA 2015 (May 11-15, 2015), and will announce what session I will be doing shortly.

Finally, I will also make a significant amount of effort to get my blog posts into Planet Drupal (which gets featured in Drupal's home page within your dashboard), so you guys can look forward to that. There will be a LOT of new blog posts in the next few months.

Stay tuned for more to come!